Onset is an open-world multiplayer sandbox without predefined goals. Create and host your very own experience in Onset using Lua scripting functions. Whether that is Roleplay, Cops, and Robbers or classic Freeroam. Or just enjoy the different game modes created by other players.
Hey let's go roleplay on Roleplay Studios... I heard they were the first community on Onset!
by andrewrps October 25, 2019
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was developed in the 1880s as a summer camp meeting for Spiritualists. Many of the cottages still standing in Onset were built as second homes for individuals from Boston and other northeastern cities who gathered to hear mediums communicate with the dead. While it was run by the Spiritualists, the village was known as Onset Bay Groveay.Also located between Wareham and Buzzards Bay known for Wicketts island and spectacular summer festivities.There is still some areas that display indian sites here. Although plymouth rock is practically down the street from us...
Did Michael Jackson really visit Wicketts island in Onset Massachusetts?
by an individual in Onset January 9, 2011
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Sudden Onset Autism, or S.O.A for short, is an extremely rare condition of unknown origin. Development of this disease is both abrupt and severe. As of now, the pathogenesis and mode of infection have eluded even the most qualified of research teams at Harvard, Hopkins, and Yale. Some have suspected that transmission occurs through contact with an infected person, especially prandially. There is still hope for a cure, although we may be decades away.
Infected Person: Hey man, let's go grab some lunch
Healthy Individual: what?! It's 3 in the morning. What's wrong with you
Infected Person: Well... it's lunchtime somewhere!
Healthy Individual: Oh God, you have Sudden Onset Autism... Please go away from me!
by burner90 March 22, 2018
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When the elderly have sex, pushing apart a grilled cheese sandwich with a loose sausage you found in the back of the freezer.
I walked into great aunt Bessie's room and her and uncle Boris were going at it, 19 to the dozen. The doctor said it's 'early onset necrophilia' and prescribed me some eye bleach.
by Pork Almighty April 9, 2016
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Mental Illness found in white women aka“Karen“ worsens with age.

Symptoms include/not limited to Attacking others then playing victim when authority arrives. Knowing you're deadass wrong, STILL want a manager. Calls 911 on anyone doing anything, while black. Use police as threat to harm, not service to help, denys police brutality. Theft of music, machinery, property, wealth, ideas... literally ALL OF THE THINGS IN ALL OF THE PLACES.

Know causes include /not limited to, insatiable thirst for chocolate, Only have a tiny vanilla, raisins in potato salad, thinking Jesus was white, short strokes, lack of exercise or results, specifically doing squats.

Cures- Hennessey, Atlanta, swap paprika for Lawrys, vitD super veggies resembles eggplant in size &girth. That D taken orally, anally, vaginally & swallow juice or use as facial (can’t take too good of care of that skin!) Start by using only 1D at a time but the only snitch here, is you!

NOTE: Seeking medical advice is NOT recommended as it will trigger EOC fits due to the Doctors sudden disregard for your well-being.

FUN FACT- EOC is unique because those without it, suffer from it the most.

- Becky Snow
Knowing she was at risk of contracting EARLY ONSET CAUCASIA, Amber got divorced, moved to Atlanta, vaguely remembers drinking Hennessey, is making a conscious effort to regularly consume her veggies and is no longer at risk of contracting this horrific illness.
by Becky Snow April 28, 2021
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When someone regularly has a sudden loud outburst of unexplained obscene words or socially inappropriate and derogatory remarks accompanying an orgasm.
Jane: Oh, baby I'm going to cum!
Later that day:
Betty: Jane, how was your night with Dick?
Jane: I'm never seeing him again, he has sexual onset Tourette's!
by Trixie Hicks August 22, 2008
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More correctly, Type 2 Diabetes. It is a form of Diabetes caused by complex interactions between carbohydrate consumption, insulin resistance, and obesity.
The United States has an epidemic of obesity and Adult Onset Diabetes due to the effects of eating according to the Food Guide Pyramid and % Daily recommended allowance.
by Downstrike June 26, 2004
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