A nice heterosexual bloke who can bowl but only when mildly intoxicated with alcohol. Sober or drunk his balls end up in the gutter, but between those is a state of bowling averageness. A strike is a rare phenomenon but when it happens its simply baffling.
Who is that mildly intoxicated average bowler?
It must be an Onno, we'll know for sure when his game drops after another few beers.
by Morddrath February 06, 2010
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A Dutch Canadian who plays hockey. He a blond blue haired guy who you think is drunk but is actually sober. From people who just meet him he may seem like a lot to deal with but when you get to know him.. he still a lot to deal with. He is also the life of the party.
Yo is that Onno, man he the life of a party
by The Peguin July 03, 2018
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