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A boy who loves maths and his Man-U shorts. His main interests are maths, and he is very smart. He has people's best interests at heart, and he is very intelligent.
Onkar-ing - to be intelligent
by 1second. April 11, 2011
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A name for a shit ass friend who takes money and don’t give it back. Shit at games a cunt. A dickhead and sucks a strippers pussy
by Madman579229 February 17, 2019
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1) Usually a hairy dude with an unending desire for constant attention. May occasionally whine like a whore if made fun of.

2) Someone who defames his Male colleagues in hopes of swooning the office girls as the lone masculine alpha. This specimen also would occasionally send inappropriate text messages to office girls from others' cell phones to avoid any competition.

3) An unattractive sleazy dude who constantly lies about his age to attract young girls but ultimately fails due to his old appearance. May sometimes put on make up or visit the parlor to put up a young facade.
Jean: I had a meeting with Orion yesterday
Stefan: Really? How was it?
Jean: He craved so much attention and was upset when I joked about his hairy nose
Stefan: Damn! Sounds like a total Onkar to me

Ricky: Have you heard what happened to our Sallu?
Edwin: I did, they say he texted Mandy for a one night stand. Can you believe that?
Ricky: Nope. I'd say he got Onkared.
Edwin: Yep. He definitely got Onkared.

Al: So, the new girl is getting real close to Crastor of late
Jeff: Yeah dude, it's like she's swooned over him and thinks he's 25
Al: I think he's pulled an Onkar on her
Jeff: Well it wont last, he is 40 now and it shows
by TheGfromtheLBC July 26, 2018
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The biggest dickhead.Will ruin your fucking your life if you’re friends with him. He fucks every girl in the neighbourhood. He is also shit at Fortnite and gta.
Onkar is gay.
by Madman579229 April 18, 2019
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