The dried up piece of foreskin that's on your fucking dick head right now
I'll pick up my onion ring that's on my fucking dick and fucking eat it in front of your fucking face
by Fuck fucking fuck fucking fuck November 13, 2021
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When you sprinkle bread crumbs on a sweaty asshole and then you proceed to fuck them in the ass. The result is the scent of onion rings coming from the asshole.
Last night, my girlfriend asked me if I would like to do the onion ring!
by Ceez Usmc April 20, 2009
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When two guys fist each other and a crust forms around the ring, thus looking like an onion ring.
'You cant go onion ringing without your chap stick!'
by Leatho January 6, 2012
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it's when you buy onion rings from a fast food chain and stack them on a man's penis. then you put sauce on the onion rings and eat them off the penis. one by one.
"i was onion ringing with justin last night"
by onionringersforever October 11, 2011
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The mushy brown substance around the base of your cock after you pull out of her/his asshole
"When I pulled my cock out of Henry's ass, I had an onion ring that he was happy to eat!"
by oakey1226 November 15, 2002
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Reference to the sphinctorial area of a cat as it faces away from you with it's tail high in the air. The tight puckered area that is staring you straight in the face as your cat turns and walks away from you as you were petting him/her.

Occasionally there will be a little left over crust on your cat's "onion ring" causing it to further resemble the onion rings from your favorite fast food establishment.
I was petting my cat, when all of a sudden he turned around and raised his butt high in the air, giving me full frontal view of his ONION RING that I didn't want. He waved his kitty ONION RING back and forth before he finally walked away. I don't have that cat anymore, sorry PETA.
by Mojo_Jojo_001 October 20, 2015
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When one mans penis is shoved into the urethra of another man.
I came so hard when we were onion ringing it last night!
by Onion ring master May 17, 2012
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