TLDR: Older Brother

A little more detail if you like-
Onii can end with 3 different Japanese honourifics, -San, -Chan, or -Sama.
-San is the basic ending for the basic big bro.
-Chan is a more compassionate ending for Onii if you really love your big brother and feel emotionally attached to him greatly
-Sama is a bit of a formal ending for big brother, nothing too special.
My Onii-San is a cool bro
I really love my Onii-Chan!
Yes he is my Onii-Sama
by Rywen March 10, 2015
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Onii-Chan means "Big brother" in Japanese. Most people assume it's a mating call of some sort because of hentai but no that's just hentai. Lots of hentai has incest.
"Onii-chan! Drive me to my friend's house!"
by RigsSaysGoodbye February 02, 2018
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1. Used to refer to your older brother in a cute way (in japanese).
2. In hentai, mostly lolicon, the lolis use it to refer in a cute way to their lover.
3. Cringey term that lots of weeaboos use to refer to their crushes.
1. Onii-chan, watashitachiha shukudai o shinakareba narimasen. (Onii-chan, we have to do our homework.)
2. Onii-chan, daisuki! (I love you, onii-chan!)
3. Len onii-chan is so cute! He's my shota! Kawaii!
by Monokuma...pupupupu! September 28, 2020
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To most normal people it means "brother" but...
if you're a nasty, it means "fuck buddy"
"Good morning Onii~ Chan"
Ara Ara~ Onii- Chan, you're so hard"
by definetlygoingtohell February 11, 2021
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The japanese of big brother (or just brother). And please dont say this to japanese ppl unless theyre your brother.
Girl: Onii-chan, can you please be sweet and pass me my plush?
Boy (a.k.a Onii-chan): Sure, here.
by N3K0-! July 08, 2021
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