a japanese word meaning big brother for sonny i hope u find this

you know nothing baka
but onii-chan im scared ,

hello onii-chan
by 708 707s sis January 23, 2017
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When an asian says onii-chan it means mating season has begun and she won't stop having sexytime until it's over or she is impregnated
Onii Chan Give it to me
by bock bock bock February 22, 2018
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A strikingly sexy male friend, who all girls fawn over. A word used in replacement for the male friend's name whom you drool over so dearly. In Japanese, Onii-chan means older brother, and is a title of respect and in some cases, resentment. Onii-chan is a word commonly used during weaboos climaxing over hot characters in their favourite anime
Hands off! Lincoln is my Onii-chan!
by Lord Onii March 10, 2015
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Literally the coolest guy you know, he watches anime destroyed thots and isn't gay. he also hates haters which technically makes him a hater but because he hates it it all good. He doesn't have feeling because feelings age gay, big gay. Oniichann has never died in any game ever and absolutely hates mobile players all mobile players are thots and thots are bad. He is also an epic Fortnite gamer and catches dubs everyday. He gets all the bitches and also has depression
Son: "When i grow up i wanna be like oniichann"
Dad: "Me too son, me too"
by Oniichann69 November 20, 2018
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The Japanese word for "fuck-buddy" most commonly used in anime.
"Onii-chan! Close your eyes and don't look ;)"
by Secretsneverdie December 16, 2017
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