Oneil is a variation of Irish name O'neill.

It translates as the Son Of Neil.

Neil = Champion therefore Oneil means Son of the Champion
You see that guy over there?
His ancestors were champions, thats why he is called Oneil.
by oneil9 January 19, 2013
Oneil or fully Oneilles (Persian: آنیلیس or آنیل ) is a Afghan name which directly descends from the Greek Mythology of Trojan War. It is an Afghan-Persian mispronunciation of Achilles, the tragic hero of the Trojan War.
Oneilles is a tall and handsome boy from Afghanistan
by ecletio January 22, 2013
Emmaoneill is a wonderful amazing girl and she is found to be one of the most nicest friend you could ever have she loves to dance on a daily basis and she is a very loyal friend
Emma oneill loves boys and would like to get three dogs when she grows up
by Ben Darrel February 23, 2017
1. a person who sleeps around slut
2. a person who seeks social acceptance through jokes
3. someone who is smart, pretty, but non-athletic
that girl got a perfect score on the SAT's and she's so pretty but she doesnt play any sports.. what a molly oneil.

A: did you hear emily makeing those dumb jokes this morning? i was going to HURL
B: i know she was being such a molly oneil
by Colleen Yergacheffe May 7, 2006
The act of snorting 2 8balls of coke out of the butthole of another man while stroking your cock at the same time
Dude my retard friend just performed a Jeff Oneill on Theresa
by Jeffeyrydell May 4, 2019
Girl who goes around and fucks anybody. Typically goes for guys who are already involved with another person or even one of her best friends boyfriends. Known to guys as somebody that they can use for sex and nothing else.
Katie Oneil is one of the biggest whores at our school, she fucked my boyfriend while we were supposed to be friends.
by truthhurts1131993 March 12, 2017
Hey, i miss you can’t wait to see you again, just wish we had something more to talk about, you’re my best friend and i love you so so much i just wish we had something more to say because nothing is happening right now and we have nothing going on. Love you bestie 💞💞💞
ava said to Ruby Oneill “stay strong gorgeous here for you always”
by quarantineisgettingtome April 7, 2020