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Oneil is a variation of Irish name O'neill.

It translates as the Son Of Neil.

Neil = Champion therefore Oneil means Son of the Champion
You see that guy over there?
His ancestors were champions, thats why he is called Oneil.
by oneil9 January 19, 2013
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O'Neil is a wonderfully enlightened person. A majority of the people think O'Neil means hero. The direct translation would be Oh Hero! Much of the world looks up to the person with the name "O'Neil". They hope that one day they can be like him. Women are often in awe and have created what we now call the groupie movement. Little is known about the magical aura that surrounds this magnificent person.
When things look bleak one will often hear the chant "O'Neil, O'Neil, O'Neil." Only a good keen listener is able to pick up on this.
by Ryan Sunbelt February 04, 2010
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Oneil or fully Oneilles (Persian: آنیلیس or آنیل ) is a Afghan name which directly descends from the Greek Mythology of Trojan War. It is an Afghan-Persian mispronunciation of Achilles, the tragic hero of the Trojan War.
Oneilles is a tall and handsome boy from Afghanistan
by ecletio January 22, 2013
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The act of a male camply adoring his male boss.
"Jesus man, do you have to be a total O'Neil with Rob in the office?"
by LilBritain August 07, 2008
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