Over watch term based off the saying “one trick pony”. Used to describe a person who only plays one hero and never switches off.
I hate a genii one-trick that never switches to healer; it could really help out the team if they played mercy.
by Dead_Meme August 5, 2019
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One Trick Pony; is used to describe a friend, acquaintance or stranger, who has very few talents, sayings, jokes or skills.
by A J C April 5, 2006
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someone with only one talent, accomplishment, etc.
He has only ever been in one movie. He is a one-trick pony.
by The Return of Light Joker January 13, 2008
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One-trick Pablo (noun):

A performer (often a standup comic) who, while funny at first, has become old, tiresome, and appears unable to come up with any new material.

One-trick Pablos generally have highly respected and well recognized early performances published on YouTube, however they lack the creativity to continue their development beyond this initial success.

One-trick Pablos are often still touring, flogging the same dated and boring shit, sometimes packaged slightly differently.

Named after Pablo Francisco - who gained fame from his MadTV and Comedy Central Presents appearance in 2000 - who continues to tour, attract massive crowds to see hacked up versions of his original material interspersed with un-intelligible raves, baby talk and sex humor which leaves most of the fans disappointed (except for the retards).
Hey did you go see that Franscisco guy when he was in town?

Yeah, sure did, he was crap! He did his same old jokes! I guess he's just a One-trick Pablo!
by Pablo Monster July 30, 2010
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scumbags who literally dont know the basics of overwatch so they only play the easiest hero in the game and get carried to top 500 and then when mercy gets nerfed drop back into bronze
Mercy One Trick: "Can I play Mercy please"
Mercy One Trick (2): "No she's the only hero I can play"
DPS/Tank Flex: "Oh fuck me"
by Flyghts November 23, 2017
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People that are decent or good at 1 thing, but fucking shit at everything else
"Dude Desmond is so good at Lux!"

"He's the shittiest player unless he's mid because he's a fucking one trick pony."
by nautilussssssss December 11, 2018
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a person or thing with only one special feature, talent, or area of expertise.
She's good looking but she has no character or substance she's a one trick pony.

The guys got money but he's wotless one trick pony yute.
by Arron j smith August 24, 2021
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