When someone is a certain type of person.
Person A: I don’t like my food touching.
Person B: Why not?
Person A: I don’t know I just don’t...
Person B: Ohhh you one of those. Weirdo.
by iamanthonydean June 28, 2019
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a phrase describing someone who is attributing behaviour normally seen in one of those

uhhhuhhhhhooookaaaayyyyyy one of those huh?
by snackattack April 3, 2006
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Someone who is not similar to you

can be black, gay, female, retarded etc
I don't like him, he is one of those
by Stu Liddle November 24, 2003
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A parlour game which can be won by attracting your opponents attention through way of deception to your protuding middle finger
Nik: Hey Jak did you see my new finger puppet?
Jak: *looks* what?
Nik: One of those!
by Jakademiks November 9, 2005
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A shit that conjures sensations so nasty that it compels one to take a shower afterward.
A: A shower? Now?!
B: Yeah dude, just had one of those.
by 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21 March 21, 2010
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A day where you just want to break something, preferably something that will scream and/or bleed as you do it. You may or may not know of any direct causes, but most often, something bad happened early in the day which started you off in a generally bad distemperment that only got worse as multiple unfortunate events compounded to effectively gang-rape and murder your overall disposition.
Your bet bet is to stay away motherfucker, it's just one of those days.
by The Red Kaiser August 10, 2005
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