That is how you merch in Boston.

Similar to Foe’nem / I swear to god.

If they put something “on dead dawgs” they are putting it on their dead friends/Dawgs.
On dead dawgs I didn’t cheat, it was only a little flirting/say on dawgs you fucked her
by Anonanonymously January 13, 2021
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swearing on your dead friend's grave. the equivilent of saying "i swear on my mother's grave".
"You do not have gta 5 this early"
"I swear I do, dead dawgs"
by static1991 October 29, 2013
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another way of saying on god but it’s referring to ur dead friends
deantony: bro i jus saw ur girl with jordan

chris: say on dead dawgs
by amoneyyyyyyy January 4, 2021
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absolut kranker rapper der den ganzen hype verdient
Ion: “dead dawgs part is so geil in Flasch Luft

miles: “Nein man! Dunklschwarz is where ist at!!!”
by Groebeybey June 24, 2020
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American meaning: A dead dog.
British meaning: Poor quality stardog.
American: “That poor dead dawg
British: “Rah thats some dead dawg”
by Gelato 41 April 11, 2022
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BOSTON slang for basically saying dead ass, on everything I love; basically just marching what you said(puttin it on your dead friends/family).
Alex: yooo jay fucked rissa and burnt her

Zay: say on dead dawgs nigga
Alex: on dawgs he did
by Yayarackz August 11, 2023
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