3 definitions by Yayarackz

Random guy: you know who I am stop playing

Me: bro who are you you’re a Nondi stfu
by Yayarackz November 18, 2022
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Boston slang for basically someone saying something crazy about someone or something; usually mean and or truthful
Yaya: Idc that’s why he got cheated on and it was with his ugly ass cousin.

Bry: you blacked 🤣
by Yayarackz December 3, 2022
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BOSTON slang for basically saying dead ass, on everything I love; basically just marching what you said(puttin it on your dead friends/family).
Alex: yooo jay fucked rissa and burnt her

Zay: say on dead dawgs nigga
Alex: on dawgs he did
by Yayarackz August 11, 2023
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