An uncommon sexual act; open to interpretation.
''Oh yeah i was omnoming his * last blew his mind.''
by Sexmongerbeastfolyf May 26, 2008
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This food is omnomnomnomnomnom

Add nomnom's as it tastes better and better
by TonioRoffo July 22, 2008
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Any kind of food, chow, eats, sustenance, etc., but particulary of the delicious snack variety.

May be colloquially referred to simply as "oms".
Bob: I'm really hungry man.
Billy: Let's book it to the 7-Eleven to get some omnoms then.

Joe: These bbq kettle chips are fucking delicious.
Susie: I know, they're my fave type of oms.
by Alexikat September 8, 2009
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An adjective used to describe the taste of something delicious, tasty, and/or yummy. Derived from the "Om nom nom" sound of a mouth orgasm.
Ben: This pizza is really good.

Michael: How good?

Ben: I'd go as far as saying it is Omnomable.
by Benjiforce1 August 3, 2010
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Om.nom (ahm-nahm)
1. v. To enthusiastically munch.

2. n. That which you enjoy munching, or desire to munch. ex- Dude, gimme some omnoms!
1. I totally wanted to omnom some waffles this morning!
2. Dude, gimme some of your omnoms!
by Kalvyne May 25, 2011
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An omnom is an omnisexual omnist that believes in the presence of omnipotent beings.
I'm a Christian

I'm an omnom
A what-
by Twisted_oxxer December 30, 2022
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(past-tence verb) To have eaten and masticate (chew) in an excited manner or fashion.

a reduction from the "om nom nom" or "nom nom nom" meme where normaly animals are seen eating objects and/or food

see also omnom
The bread looked so good I coulden't help my self, I totaly omnomed it
by decrotie2004 January 18, 2011
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