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A person or situation that looks like a fuck up from all possible angles.

Originally coined in S03E01 of The Thick of It:
Not only have you got a fucking bent husband and a fucking daughter that gets taken to school in a fucking sedan chair, you're also fucking mental. Jesus Christ, see you, you're a fucking omnishambles, that's what you are. You're like that coffee machine, you know: from bean to cup, you fuck up.

– Malcolm Tucker
by arthurdent November 27, 2012
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A prodigiously inept individual, typically involved in the political domain. Just as God is omni-potent and 'all-powerful', such an incompetent is omni-shambolic and 'all-failing'. Coined by Malcolm Tucker, of 'The Thick of It' fame.
I was going to ask if you could help me with my science project, but then I remembered you were the omni-shambles so I asked my step-dad for some money so I could download it from the internet instead.
by FitzyG789 February 15, 2010
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a person who is not only a shambles in one single aspect but is in fact a shambles in all aspects of life
not only is her love life a mess but she just got fired, she's an omnishambles
by hellrocker January 28, 2012
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A description of something, be it an object, person, or state, that is in all ways a giant clusterfuck.
Steve Gorman made a right omnishambles of that base design.
by trotski1977 July 16, 2016
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