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1. A living Boogeh-er.
2. The molester of Parasite, Diamondninja, and Bob.
3. The dance Dance Revolution King of England.
4. The Princess of BlitzRO.
1. * ome-ome molests diamond
<diamondninja> OMGoose i just got molested by Ome-Ome!
2. * PseudoShadow uses the useless ursine ute to usurp the unscrupulous ome-ome, who's also an unlucky unlearned unkempt pair of underpants
3. * ome-ome dances
by diamondninja-Victom- March 28, 2005
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A person who has no gender
1.<Merc>ome is a hor...
<Fuser> he/she sure is
2. Guy1: Hey look at that fine girl over there i'd tap that.
Guy2: Dude.....thats an ome-ome....WTF..
Guy1: Oh...dont tell anyone or I will kill you.
by Merc March 30, 2005
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A girl who thinks he's a guy.
<gelli> yeah..he's a girl.. o_o;
by Shinrin March 29, 2005
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