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Noun, slang. Used as a derogatory term toward Canadian bass players/backup vocalists with a goatee and/or a mohawk who happen to go by the name Mike Ayley. Although its origin is unknown, the word was likely first used on October 16, 2011 in a series of humorous tweets by Marianas Trench guitarist Matt Webb, who probably should have been working on recording the new album at the time.
Matt: “Mike is what I like to call an ombudsman.”

Matt: “Oh look, it’s a fucking ombudsman!”

Matt: “I think I lost 2 followers for excessively tweeting about ombudsmans last night. Oh well, they were probably ombudsmans."
by trench tersh October 17, 2011
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Verb. A function that selected Montgomery County Public Schools staff "do". Sometimes confused with the noun "Ombudsman", but MCPS no longer has an Ombudsman because the Board of Education eliminated that position in November 2008 to reduce accountability.
"Please ombudsman that issue."

"I can't take that phone call right now become I am in the middle of
ombudsmaning this letter."

"Let me ombudsman that for you."
by Jerry Weast November 12, 2008
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