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Town by Boston, where most people just tell outsiders that they're from Boston. Most people have lived here their whole lives, and everyone knows each other. Seeing an outsider in Winthrop sometimes scares people, since it rarely occurs. One of the major debates as a child was which school was better: Dalrymple or Fort Banks. Teenagers often complain that Winthrop is boring/lame, and that there is absolutely nothing to do, so everyone goes to Yirrell or Deer Island to get drunk. You cannot go anywhere in the Center without seeing someone that you know, which becomes a pain in the ass. If you're an outsider, don't even try to mess with a popular Winthropite teen, since Twitter will be all over your ass since everyone has each other's backs. Drama is typical in Winthrop, and someone is always whining about something ridiculous.

Winthrop Lingo:
Savage=someone who is a "beast"/awesome.
Winthrowup=Term most teens call Winthrop.
Going to the Tobin=I hate everyone and everything.
Kasbah=random ass bar.
The Point=furthest end of Winthrop, brings you to Deer Island.

Center=place where all middle schoolers/drunks hang out; you'll see everyone there.
A: Hey what's going on in Winthrop tonight?
B: Nothing. Nothing is ever happening here.
by winthrop_viking July 06, 2012
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a.)a term given to women with a perfectly round, bubble ass. (NOUN)

b.)when a beautiful slender woman has a beautiful round ass and smothers a guys face with it. (VERB)
a.)As soon as I stepped in to the club I saw a great profile of Susans ass. "man, want a winthrop", I said.

b.)I was dating this girl with the greatest ass I'd ever seen, and she would winthrop me all the time.
by Gregg Danheiser August 29, 2006
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