Town by Boston, where most people just tell outsiders that they're from Boston. Most people have lived here their whole lives, and everyone knows each other. Seeing an outsider in Winthrop sometimes scares people, since it rarely occurs. One of the major debates as a child was which school was better: Dalrymple or Fort Banks. Teenagers often complain that Winthrop is boring/lame, and that there is absolutely nothing to do, so everyone goes to Yirrell or Deer Island to get drunk. You cannot go anywhere in the Center without seeing someone that you know, which becomes a pain in the ass. If you're an outsider, don't even try to mess with a popular Winthropite teen, since Twitter will be all over your ass since everyone has each other's backs. Drama is typical in Winthrop, and someone is always whining about something ridiculous.

Winthrop Lingo:
Savage=someone who is a "beast"/awesome.
Winthrowup=Term most teens call Winthrop.
Going to the Tobin=I hate everyone and everything.
Kasbah=random ass bar.
The Point=furthest end of Winthrop, brings you to Deer Island.

Center=place where all middle schoolers/drunks hang out; you'll see everyone there.
A: Hey what's going on in Winthrop tonight?
B: Nothing. Nothing is ever happening here.
by winthrop_viking July 06, 2012
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A small town in near Augusta, Maine. The schools in this town are actually trash, so watch out. Most of the kids there are either stuck-ups or druggies. They also love Trump.

Also the mascot is a bus. Yep, you read that right, a school bus is their mascot.
by BobbieJoe696969 February 11, 2019
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a.)a term given to women with a perfectly round, bubble ass. (NOUN)

b.)when a beautiful slender woman has a beautiful round ass and smothers a guys face with it. (VERB)
a.)As soon as I stepped in to the club I saw a great profile of Susans ass. "man, want a winthrop", I said.

b.)I was dating this girl with the greatest ass I'd ever seen, and she would winthrop me all the time.
by Gregg Danheiser August 29, 2006
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The city in the far north-eastern part of Illinois.

Absolutely never anything to do. People that live here mainly go up to Kenosha or over to Zion or Gurnee to do stuff.
Theres absolutely nothing to do in Winthrop Harbor, lets go to the mall tonight.
by trntysftbl08 June 18, 2008
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Winthrop, aka The Dub, is a small town east of Boston, where everyone thinks the town is a bunch of preppy asshole that know nothing, and most of them are townies that think Winthrop is like NYC. But honestly, it has no money at all because the fucking old people are in Florida 8 months a year, and don't want to pay taxes.
Kid from Wakefield: Hey, where you from?
Kid from Winthrop:Winthrop MA
Kid from Wakefield: Rich fuck
Kid from Winthrop: Not at all kid
by xjesus14 December 12, 2009
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A small town just outside of Boston where everyone is related to each other. The people who live there like to pretend they are upper class and are better than their neighbors in Revere and East Boston, when in reality about 75% of the houses are triple deckers built on top of each other.
Q: You're from Winthrop MA? Do you know (insert the name of anyone who has ever lived there)?
A: Yes! They're my cousin.
by mmmdonut August 11, 2011
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A Small town roughly the size of 3 football fields with 20,000 people. The whole town is related because there are only two ways for people to get in and out, so new comers are very rare.

The highlight of the week is on Friday nights where the whole town gathers in a cluster fuck to support their football team that takes the game way to serious.

The police force in Winthrop thinks they work for the CIA. The teachers have sex unwanted/unprotected sex with the students, but this mostly goes unnoticed because the students dont want to get their parents in trouble.
"Hey man, where ya from?"

"I'm from Winthrop Ma"

"Never heard of it.."

"...It's near boston..."
by Steve Chrabazasdkghke April 18, 2007
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