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This term is the same as saying "Oh my Jesus." Everybody says omg or oh em gee, but we all know that Jesus saves babies.
Person1: Caitlin broke up with me. =(
Person2: Yeah... She was all over me at the party.
Person3: OmJesus!
by March 21, 2007
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a combination of "omg!" with "jesus", hence omjesus.
friend: paris hilton just died.
me: *sobs* OMJESUS! why couldn't it've been you?!
by sally_dago August 24, 2008
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This is an updated version of oh my god and can be used as a general cry of exclamation. It can effectively be used to offend religious people.
person 1: OMJesus did u see the game last night?
person 2:Shut the fuck up you whore
by Theguitaristwiththeskills November 17, 2010
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Alternate expression of omg, usually used in extreme instances where a saviour needs to be designated. Originated from making fun of fagtards who use omg. Created by me. Jesus can also be alternated with Buddha (ombuddha), Allah (omAllah), or for the scene kids myspace (omSpace).
"OMJesus!!! can you hear those n00bs saying OMG. They are sooo lame"
by Laura and Casey December 24, 2005
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