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The heros of olympus is probably the greatest thing to ever come from rick riordan's hands in anyone's life time. You got those kids in school reading "to kill a mocking bird" or "Catcher in the rye". Shit no mother fucker. Go give that sorry ass school kid a "Percy jackson" book or a "Heros of Olympus" book. That bitch gonna love you for that.
Teacher- now class the book is "To kill a mocking bird"

Kid- Shit no woman. I ain't reading that stank ass pixie tit shit. Try this one hoe.

*throws "The Heros of Olympus" book to teacher*

Teacher- Holy shit kid! This book is a fucking riot. I love this. Ya no what mofo coz u such a bright lil shit you can just nick off home. The rest of you homos better get to reading this beautiful madness.

The Heroes of Olympus
by allygraceful53 December 17, 2013
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