The most amazing, supportive, loyal, and sudductive girl you'll ever meet. She is gorgeous and super smart. She is outgoing and accepting. She is suductive in a way that none of the other girls are. She thinks she is ugly and doesn't see the immense beauty everyone around her sees.

If you find yourself an Olivia. You might just be in for the best thing to ever happen to you.
"Hey, who in the world was that. I've never seen anyone like her."
"That's liv, she's sweet and loyal, and an undercover freak. If you land her, never let her go"

The definition of Olivia is amazing.
by Luca 123 December 18, 2016
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She is a great person to talk to and she can be a wonderful Internet friend. She is a kind and beautiful girl ♥ She is so funny and loves pizza! Olivias are mostly brunette. She is such a sweetie pie and keep her forever as a friend cause she can change your life...
O - liv - ia , it kind of sounds like I - love - her.

She is such an Olivia!

> She is such a {definition above}
by SprinkleShade December 26, 2016
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Olivia is a bad ass bitch that doesn't take shit from anybody. When Olivia is in a good mood she's hilarious but when she's mad watch what you say to her cause she might curse you out. She's really good about getting advice and she's always there for you when you need her. Olivia is nice, funny, loyal, caring, pretty, and has an amazing body.
"Damn is that Olivia over there? She's so fine"
"Im so thankful to have a friend like Olivia. She really helped me out."
by amazing milkshake February 04, 2017
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This girls is quite shy and so strange it's funny. She is very protective of her things including her friends. Beautiful and kind are the first words that come in mind when you think of Olivia. With her friends she's always laughing but when she's not with them she can be quite serious. Her heart is pure and filled with laughter thank you god for all the Olivia's out there.
Why are you so smiley.
Olivia freaked when I touched her pencil lol
by BubbleJ July 20, 2015
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Olivia has a beautiful personality . You can listen to her talk all day long. She has eyes unlike any other, and it is a common fact that she has gorgeous, curly hair. She's super attractive. She is also very smart and hardworking. She is nice, respectful, and has a genuine concern for everyone and everything. She's a keeper.
Person 1-"Wow........I think I just saw an angel walk by."
Person 2-"No, that was just Olivia"

Person 1-while typing** "What's a synonym for perfect?"
Person 2-"Olivia."

Person 1-"I hate everyone!!!"
Person 2-"You should meet Olivia."
by Scrappy Steve May 01, 2016
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Olivia is very talented and loves to show off sometimes. At first she might be very confusing but then you understand her. She also doesn’t like dressing up that much but she pulls off that tomboy look. She’s amazing and very beautiful. Also very loyal but stubborn to as soon as you see her you will say I want to meet her. She truly has a great personality and is a good character. She doesn't break promises or friendship. But on the other hand she is sly and can have her mad moments trust me.
Olivia is a truly my best friend
by Uilfhunter69 November 20, 2017
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The prettiest, most caring girl (but doesn't show it) ever. When you have an Olivia be happy. Once you find her don't let anything come between you and her.
OMG I met a girl name Olivia and now I am blessed
by ******J April 16, 2016
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