Looking at the lips while saying, it looks like you’re saying I love you. Maybe even in sound.
Mom: Olive juice Paul

Paul: olive juice :)

(Lmaooo my mom used to do this to me a lot)
by Teaz September 4, 2019
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When you mouth olive juice to someone across a room, it looks like you're saying I love you.
by Laura March 11, 2004
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When a girl is teasing a boy by mouthing "Olive Juice" to him, but with the perception she is mouthing "I Love You." Boy develops crush on girl, only to be found out later she actually had a crush on him as well. Slang.
"Teresa mouthed 'Olive Juice' to Tammy from across the room. Mike was in the middle and had a crush on Teresa. He thought she meant 'I Love You.' Years of confusion ensue."
by Iowa Sam November 10, 2011
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It's a code way of telling someone (your Sagnificant other) "I Love You".
Hey, did I ever tell you olive juice?!?
by Eitan July 15, 2009
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Something you silently mouth to someone to return an "I love you". When you silently mouth "olive juice", it looks like "I love you". A silent "olive juice" is usually used when someone tells you they love you, and you want to keep them, but you're not ready for that.
Man, Christie told me she loved me last night. I don't really wanna take that step yet, but I don't want her to dump me. . .so when i saw that she was waiting for me to say it back, I just mouthed "olive juice" and started making out with her.
by zoe, dipshit. February 15, 2010
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when you lip read someone saying olive juics it looks like the person is saying i love you.
omgs i olive juice you so much hehe!!
bob and fred olive juice each other so much!
by floss September 26, 2005
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