Olin is usually a Male. He's a jokester and hes very tall. Hes famous for being tall. Olin will light up the room, and he will never disappoint you. Sometimes you can't understand if hes joking or not. He would make a great boyfriend. Don't lowe him. Sometimes he likes a girl one day, and gets over her the next. Keep him occupied and busy. Make sure you catch his eye. Olin may play hard to get, but he will become worth it.
"Theres Olin! Oh wait. How tall is he?"
by Moonlight8899 August 28, 2021
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A male. Usually very attractive. Coming of Norwegian decent, or named after his father's favorite pair of snow skis. He's constantly being referred to as, "the One that got away..." by his ex-girlfriends.
Olin is a momma's boy looking, blonde haired, blue eyed, southern california ladies man.
by Lavere March 1, 2008
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A male, very attractive, for he is very hard-working in his studies and homework, but more because his penis is so long.
Olin is my boyfriend!
by STUPIDURBAN November 27, 2019
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An Olin is when you are on your period and sneeze
(Achooo!) See I just pulled an Olin
by CookieEater33 February 11, 2020
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You are a strong and beautiful girl that aren’t afraid to say what you think. You have a lot of friends and many has a crush on you. You are a big feminist and you never giving up. You can be a little bit annoying sometimes but people mostly like to be in your company.
by 69Coolgirl69 October 15, 2019
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An Oline is a smoking hot bitch! Everybody wants to be one, and are lucky to know one.
by Sug kuk February 19, 2017
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