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Awesome little 1/2" creatures that are very strong ecspecially good in big numbers. They come available in colors of Red;which are resisant to fire, Blue;which can go swimming, Yellow; which cannot be killed by electricity, Purple; which have the strength and girth of 10 pikmin, and White; which are immune to poisin. A very fun and addictive game another masterpiece from the mind of Shigeru Miyamoto.
The fag above mine tells all lies about Pikmin. He must be one of those damn Halo fagboys that need to be wipped of the face of this Earth or educated.
by Mc Mario December 03, 2004
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A half-inch tall, Carrot-Shaped creature resident to the Planet Earth, although they are too small and quick for humans to notice. They tend to live underground or in small colored spaceship-like plants called Onions. There are for different species of Pikmin on record: Red, Blue, Yellow, White, and Purple.
The Pikmin were Captain Olimar's only chance of survival.
by Hydragon August 19, 2004
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The little pieces of Charmin toilet paper that you have to pick out of your ass after wiping too hard.
"I hate Charmin, because it always leaves little Pikmin in my ass."
by MyPikminAteYou June 29, 2013
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