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noun: (oh-lee)

A name of scandinavian (Norse) decent meaning "of royal nature". Olie is short for Olan which was a name reserved for warriors of royal or godly decent. The name Olan conveys a distinct sense of masculinity and power yet refined and sophisticated at the same time.
Olie is often confused with Ollie which is short for Oliver, whih is another cool name.
by oogabooger November 16, 2011
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A cool, nice man who potentially has the kindest personality and the sweetest heart. An 'Olie' is a rare cute british boy, who will always be there for you no matter what. A true friend, boyfriend and what not would represent this name; 'Olie' is a true player
Aw he's such an Olie!
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To pull an 'olie' is to agree to turn up at a gathering of friends and then subsequently pull out with-in 1 hour of the meeting time without a valid reason.

To pull a 'complete olie' is to completely ignore everyone you know, including your oldest friends, except for one random engaged/married friend of the opposite gender plus ten random strangers.
"Dude, you pulled an olie on me!"
by uk_goths October 06, 2005
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