Past present, remebering the good old days, Somed thing you deserve once and awhile.
How about a good ole fashioned cup of shut the fuck up.
You need an ole fashioned ass whoopin.
I'll giver an ole fashioned fuckin.
by MartyB63 October 11, 2008
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Traditionally a handjob when your partner uses an overhand grip, extending the thumb toward the base of the penis. Very popular with swamp ninjas.

Should a more traditional grip be used, the Ol' Fashion can also be referred to as the Diane Rose.
Your partner loses a bet with you, he/she may then owe you an Ol' Fashion.
by absolut phatness December 24, 2010
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When a gal gigs on you dinguss (dick) and uses no rules on a hand job, could involve , movie theatre, dinner, mom and dads house, library at oregon state university, at dixon at oregon state university, or simple before getting laid on the beach in your car!
That gal dun gave me an old fashion last night at Outback Steak house,

Example 2 I was watching IMs at Dixon and Jessica dun gave me a a sweaty ole fashion
by EcccMD and JAKE THA RIP GOOD February 13, 2012
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To have someone to you Jack you off. instead of doing it Yourself.
guy: my girlfriend gave me a nice 'ol fashioned last night
by dub el December 1, 2010
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Ohhhh my! I haven't had a "Good Ol' Fashion" since 10th grade!
by facebook myspace twitter June 21, 2011
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1.The perfect body
2.A fat ass with some big ass D-cup tities with a hella tiny waist, skinny arms and a flat stomach with thick hips and legs.
Damn! did you see that bitch with the ol' fashion coca cola bottle body rite thurr ? Im bout to get ghost and holla at that.
by Janelle Tiffany May 25, 2008
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