A group of people that are older than you which you have a level of respect towards.
"Man seen the olders from them sides doing up madness"
by Waves Official January 22, 2018
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Someone who demands respect and authority automatically. Only because they are older. Not because they are elders who have lived, experienced life and learned through living and many years and experiences.

People who believe they know all because they are over 45.
Their not our elders. Just our olders
Not old enough to be a wise old elder. They’re just somewhat older.
Being just a generation ahead doesn’t make you an elder, just an older.
by Bubble_heaD December 14, 2017
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Like younga. Same ting. Sum 1 hu you u r safe wid and care about, dat is older den u. 2 show dem sum resept u call dem older.
Also a sibling dat is older dan u.
nara" dat boi iz jokes"
kay" init, he's safe he my older"
by Nasa February 21, 2005
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An ancient being known long before the Younger Sibling came to be. This being is often blamed for the younger's misdoings despite not being in the area of the incident or at the area near the time of the event. They are often either antisocial or very mischievous to either the humans or Younger Sibling but are also the protectors of theYounger Sibling despite the annoyance they receive.
Don't blame the Older Sibling for the younger's misdoings or you will get pee in your shoes.
by BlainaCipher May 2, 2019
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1. A comparsion of age
2. a word you could not use in scrabble, lol
Larry is more olderness than his younger friend.
by Larry "the man" November 22, 2006
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a genetic disorder of having a male older sibling. They have two objectives on life, one to annoy the living piss out of you, and two to protect/ teach you.
"My older brother is a total prick."

"My older brother helped me work on my spiral, now i can throw twenty yards farther."

"My older brother beat the shit out of my ex boyfriend, when he tried to rape me"
by avelmen1889 January 11, 2010
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