The highest level of gangsta...Being push to the point and state of mind that physical violence might ensue, and the only action that can describe what you might do to someone or something can only be described as something done or found in the Old Testament of the bible.
yo you see that fight yesterday, Justin hit that dude with a rock like David did the Goliath. I told you he was Old Testament Gangsta.
by DeuceJ November 18, 2007
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Another way of saying 'kick it old school'. Coined in the movie Juno.
"We could get dance mats for DDR that stick to the floor with suction pads, but it'd be easier to kick it old testament and stick mine to the floor with duct tape."
by Alex7 February 28, 2008
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The original father figure whose family got so obnoxious that He decided to up and leave before we even got started growing up.
When Old Testament God gets back from the store with his cosmic cigarettes, He's going to have an infinite supply of Cataclysmic Foot-in-Ass for how we've been treating the place.
by cr8s February 21, 2012
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Meaning that you are going to be beaten or killed for whatever transgression you committed. Old testament of the Bible speaks of terrible punishments given by God.
Someone deliberately scratches your car. You tell the person that you are going to go old testament on your ass. You lay an ass whopping on him and you have effectively 'gone old testament on his ass'
by in-the-dark July 03, 2010
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