Ola’s are usually very loud and funny , they will be very friendly to you but if you get on their bad side they can be horrible , Ola’s are usually very pretty and they get along with people quickly, Get yourself a friend that’s called Ola she will always have your back and you will never be bored around her , Ola’s are also very sexy
by PopcornGirl XxX July 5, 2018
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Name for a girl (European) Girls with this name are said to be shy. But if you befriend an Ola, you will discover her loud, funny, and outgoing personality. Ola's are very nice and friendly, and do whatever they set their mind to.
by Loopyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy June 19, 2011
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A European name, people that are named this is usually a true bro, funny, party experts and a lot of girls think they are handsome.

Ola's are usually at least medium good in everything, get along with everyone and can handle every situation like a boss.
Dude! did you see that, Ola just scored a A without even knowing we had a test.

Oh my god Ola just dressed up in a bananasuit and slided down the stairs in a plastic bath tub. that guy is hilarious!
by tripplenipple October 15, 2011
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The Australian pronunciation and spelling of the Spanish greeting for Hello.
Robbo - "Ola guys, hope you didn't get lost comin' back through the ass end of woop woop."

Kathy - "yeah, was bloody full on."

Jonno - "Robbo... Ola..! It's good to be home mate I can tell ya!"

The use of 'Ola' in these cases generally favours the thick Aussie Twang.
by WEREKAHOLITIC May 11, 2019
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Literally gorgeous, the best person to sit next to in English <3 love you boo
Ola is so gorgeous and awesome!
by Lolimmegagay January 19, 2022
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A description of a completely random event,
like dancing in the rain,
or walking into a door
Oh my gosh that was well Ola!!
by Smithhhhhhhhhhh February 26, 2009
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Ola's are sexy, attractive and are usually horny women and are down for anything especially sex and feet jobs.
E.g Oh my god Ola "As Courtney walks in on ola giving Michael a feetjob while been cleansed with Michaels Big juicy dick.
by Hfjcjvnvjvj April 5, 2017
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