Bad-ass rapper. Does most of his songs in 1 take (freestyle) and you can still sit back and enjoy the music.
hiphop head 1: son u need u to hook me up with some of that real art and soulful rap music. any recommendation?

hiphop head 2: hell yeah son, just lookup ola dioss. his new mixtape kills it.

hiphop head 1: tnx man, appreciated.
by krsze November 9, 2010
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Activate Ola Actavis Alfares. Talibanish
Ola Actavis was activated and then talibanished
by OlaAlfares July 7, 2020
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Someone who is not very nice.
Censored for when you want to use a bad word, but little ears are present.
That semi-driver cut me off! What a jerk-ola!
by Jewel the Gem February 10, 2011
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Expression: To Ola a cab or to Ola Englund a cab.
Definition: Throwing all the mics you own infront of a cab with the result being a near guarantee that at least one will sound good.
To Ola a cab
Dude 1:"How can I get a decent recorded tone out of that rig? Anything I try sounds like flaming garbage!"
Dude 2:"Bruh, I'd ola the the cab to fuck and back if I were you!"
by Wise John 7 January 21, 2021
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Someone that represents words by actions. Not just saying it.

“He ola Beto fo sho
“She ola Beto, she ain’t lying”
by Olabetolivn November 26, 2021
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the Ola family is the biggest family on the social network Twitter, known for having the wide-eyed and mouth emoji as their profile picture. they are the kindest people on Twitter.
"OMG!! their profile picture is scaring me!"

"it's all right! they are the Ola family, they are good people."
by doraola August 9, 2021
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Twitter's most hated group of stans. Best known on social media for insulting rapper Cardi B and K-Pop group BTS. If you ever happen to interact with this group on twitter, you may fear for your life. Some of them are very nice, but you may want to fear some of the users such as @/trishaola , @peryolaa , @adeleolaaa , @cardiolaaa and @taylorolaa. They will eat you alive with insults and you might cry to your mother afterwards.
Did you see that Cardi was ended on twitter last night?

Oh... it was definitely twitter's most hated; the Ola Family!
by internetknowledgeexpert September 10, 2021
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