A phrase that Zoomers believe is made by boomers but is actually used by Millenials who are tired of the garbage tier memes that Gen Z produces. It is also used to generally mock the "Ok Boomer" meme, as well as mocking the low attention spans of Gen Z, which can associate them with the word 'Zoomer.'
Boomer: *Doesn't Understand Meme*
Zoomer: oK bOoMeR
Millenial: oK zOoMeR
Zoomer: Wow, Boomers are stupid
Boomer: *Not listening to conversation anymore*
by Gamogi November 25, 2019
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A response to members of gen z. Typically after they call someone a boomer to shut down anyone that disagrees with them, thus are acting like a boomer themselves.
Person: i disagree with that because evidence shows otherwise.
Zoomer : ok boomer
Person: ok zoomer
by PapaBeorn January 24, 2020
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Ok Zoomer is used when a kid posts a stupid/cringeworthy comment that is supposed to be funny.
Zoomer comments,
"Belle Delphine: I have the most expensive water
NileRed: Hold my diamond water"
Boomer replies,
"Ok Zoomer"
by LankyLarry_ January 2, 2020
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For when you argue with a teenager or an adult that still lives with their mom, and they are so caught up in their "new" and "innovated" self-destructive ideology that they just aren't worth the energy anymore, so you hit them with the "Ok Zoomer."
Zoomer: "Trump bad, gender dysphoria good, meat bad, le epic reddit moment."
Anyone else: Ok Zoomer
by Opa Opa February 3, 2020
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Ok Zoomer - Similar to Ok Boomer but used as an insult from boomers who are offended.
Daryl: The problem of this generation is that they are too sensitive and are addicted to their phones.
Mike: Ok Boomer
Daryl: That's all you got to say oK zOoMeR
by Anonymoucats November 2, 2019
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We are all zoomers. We zoom our entire life. Wer'e gen z, and call boomer bombers. OK BOOMER.
"Mom, I don't wanna Zoom"

"Ok Zoomer"
by Zoomer123 May 23, 2020
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An insult from boomers (usually) or from millenials who are tired of Gen Z (Zoomers)' shit.
Zoomer: Boomers are stupid af
Boomer: Ok zoomer
by mr_onomatopoeia December 23, 2019
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