One who causes members of both sexes to erupt into spontaneous orgasms.
He is such an Ogie that he must hide his face in public, otherwise there would be sexual hysteria in the streets.
by Messiahpuff July 10, 2008
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ogi is short for ognjen - a serbian name comes from serbia.
ogi da wogi is a sick biach
by ogis biach July 22, 2003
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Oh God Yeah!

Used when replying to a question.

Usually the words are said when talking, but online the OGY will suffice.
Nathan: "Are you going to V-festival?"

Gleds: "OGY!"


Dave: "Wanna come to the pub mate?"

Percy: "OGY!"
by Natedawg18 August 23, 2010
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Ogis are a race of mystical creatures that live in wales. They have leathery skin and they like to graze at night, to avoid predators. Only a few remain, hiding in the urban regions of Wales.
That ogi sure hides in his house a lot.
by Ench November 23, 2004
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A combination between an ogre and a wolverine that looks more like a hairless Sasquatch with a beard. They live in snow forts in the andes mountains and run to northern maine to breed for 3 days out of the year, usually March 6,7,8 before running back to the andes mountain. They are the best organisms in the art of fornication. They have a penigy (ogy penis) that ranges between 1-2' and has a special muscle just for making it vibrate when its erect. They are the masters of the natural sex world and can steal any female no matter what species.
Did you see that ogy in the tree?
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it mean something similar to kid or gay
Fortnite is ogi game

That guy i saw is ogi
by Blue creeper uttp October 23, 2020
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