The area where Penn State is located. The greatest place on earth for college. So named because everyone is always partying and happy!
"I go to Penn State, the heart of Happy Valley."
by portero August 30, 2006
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Provo, Utah
Named for the many stereotypical happy Mormons that live there.
"Let's go to Happy Valley"
by Pappy Sk8 November 5, 2008
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The sweetest dorm on Marlboro College Campus that is continually trashed and eroding. Frequented by belligerency and tripping kids. In the past, it has had an opium den, prostitution rings, surrogate mothers, avid hula-hoopers, muff-diving competition and more than enough LSD. Often questions if motherfucker is a compound word. Dirty panties are also sold here. Also referred to as HPV.
"Happy Valley is on a lot of druuugsssss."-Sweetest RA ever
"I am currently not on fire"-Resident
"I'm sober, let's go the Valley and get fucked up".
"Is that that a tree on the roof of HPV?"
by HPV6 February 2, 2009
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Jacob: "Hey man, what did you guys do last night?"
Trevor: "I guess you could say I went down into her happy valley."
by Red Fever April 14, 2013
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some times called crappy valley. the best place ever. incredibal friends are made and never forgot times that will for ever live on and memories you'll have for ever. you can get away with everything you do
those where the days in happy valley
by tayann October 14, 2008
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area between the tits... that shines in light just above the low cut top of a chicks shirt...exemplified when tits are pushed up
elizabeth berkley has a shining happy all her pictures her valley shines and begs you to stare even though she has small tits
by scott recor November 1, 2005
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When a person shaves a straight line in his or her private area directly to their navel. The opposite of a happy trail.
I took her pants off and found she was rocking the happy valley!
by vanceMunson July 20, 2011
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