Someone who's a bit odd or unusual and doesn't really fit in anywhere.
Who was that weird offbeat guy at the party yesterday?
by January12 July 3, 2012
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A musical percussion group originally based off of STOMP. The group is made up of high school students and uses all kinds of random items to make music.
"Wow, did you see Offbeat perform at the NAC? They were awesome!"
by beckish December 28, 2005
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offbeater is a new age term derived from the word"offbeat" which means to be different, unique, original, one of a kind and standing out from the rest.
He designs some of the most insane concepts ever imagined by any human mind ever, he is such an offbeater.
by Project Paul February 23, 2009
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The Offbeat Generation is a loose association of like-minded writers working across different styles but united by their opposition to a mainstream publishing industry driven by marketing departments. The term was coined by Andrew Gallix in 3:AM Magazine in February 2006 -- as a pun on the Beat Generation (see: beat poetry) but more likely to be associated with the Chemical generation immediately before it (who were anthologized at the Repetitive Beat Generation also).
The Offbeat Generation plays a large part in the e-zeitgeist.
by rocketdog February 15, 2009
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1. Seeing as fap is the sound made when masterbating, and offbeat fap is a "fap" sound that is offbeat, suggesting someone else is masterbating as well.
2. when you hear the sound of someone else jacking off in the room
3. Something utterly horrible.
1. fap....fap....fap..FAPFAP....... WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!
2. Dude, I was masterbating last night when I heard an offbeat fap, I turned around and my brother was right behind me fapping away.
3. John: Dude check out this picture of this hermaphrodite.

Mike: OHHH dude, that's such an offbeat fap.
by do it for lacy November 5, 2009
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n. While the premise of a glamor shot is typically both nonsensical and cinematic, the offbeat model takes this art house film ridiculousness to new heights.

offbeat modeling v. The act of being an offbeat model. Popularized by MySpace angle photos and hipsters.

Examples of offbeat modeling are:
-Wearing a sloppy outfit that just sort of hangs off the body.
-Lifting the arms in awkward positions as if balancing on a tightrope.
-Turning head 340 degrees back and 20 degrees down to gaze at the heel of your shoes.
-Looking very, very lost.
That offbeat model looks like she's been crucified for wearing her Boyfriend's Rugby in a Forbidden Zone.
by offbeat model August 25, 2007
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A fan of the popular queer webcomicoffbeat’, which is made by user moonsscared on webtoon canvas
I’ve never met a straight offbeater.’
‘This offbeater can’t wait for the next episode!’
by moonsscared July 26, 2022
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