Crazy, extremely funny or eccentric. Someone showing extreme personality, quirkiness or slight retardation
Two friends are walking on the beach, they both walk past a monstrosity of a woman, her folds are beginning to rash and swelter in the heat, and her face is similar to a bull dog chewing on a wasp. One friend says to the other
"Bro, I haven't been laid in so long, I'd prob hit that"
The other friend turns to his counterpart, reels back slightly as he takes in what he has just heard says

"Farrrrrrk, your off your dick, that thing was like Jabba the Hut having a greasy pizza party in a sauna, Yuk"
by KroneTittle August 20, 2014
Stop wasting your time. Usually told to someone who takes too long to do something for you.
Barry, get your hand off your dick and pass the goddamn salt.
by mac-attk October 16, 2009
it usally arrises in a situation, when a person belives they are so good at something e.g. football, games etc and they are basiclly up theirselves but only during the event.
(living room of a friends house after a night out)
steve: oh thats great play from that lad
troy: get off your own dick
nat/luke/chris/neil: hahahahaha
steve: now thats a good one
by Luke Harris August 18, 2006
Just give you bf a Jerk off for a while On Dec 15-20 in the class room or in the bathroom does not matter to me
by dick booyyyy December 15, 2021
If you nut 10 times during december, you have to cut it off!

''Yo dude! Have you nutted more than 10 times this december?''
''Yeah, why?''
''Bro, you do know its ''Cut off your dick December right? YOU HAVE TO CUT OFF YOUR DICK NOW!''
by Chingchanu November 10, 2021