When a girl is so hot that if she were taking a poop in your bedroom bathroom and yelled out that there was no toilet paper, would you say, "that's OK baby, come back to bed anyway"

Off the toilet Hot.

OTT for short
Whoa, did you see Sofia Vergara on the Emmys last night. I'd take her 'off the toilet"
by dnasty tampa January 11, 2013
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When someone is wasting you time so you tell them to make it happen or go away.
Example: a guy keeps postponing/rearranging date plans so you say; "Dave, you're messing me around. Either shit or get off the toilet!"
by Loco in London June 12, 2015
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when you stop at a weigh side drunk and hungry you stumble into a pissy stall and find a tasty morsel on the toilet seat that satisfies your hunger
Yo Howard! Yesterday after those jello shots I went to the park shitter and passed out, I came to so hungry that I went to the bathroom to eat the meat off the toilet seat!
by OjibweLdF August 1, 2008
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A take on the brief jingle, "We're off to see the wizard" from the movie, "The Wizard of Oz".
Sung when you're on your way to the bathroom to take a plop (leave a shit, go poo-poo, lay a log, etc.)
♪ We're off to see the toilet, ♪
♪ The wonderful toliet bowl! ♪

Note the spelling of the word toilet in the second verse; it is pronounced, "toa LYE'it" in order for it to have three syllables.
by Telephony May 22, 2016
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