Relating to the french work 'Egg'. Usually used for someone you don't like.
Why did you do that you oeuf.
by Dave a.k.a. Eugene October 04, 2005
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A replacement and better version of Oof.
Actually french for Egg

Oftenly used by Gaytarou & the gaytarou clan
A: my mom died in a brutal car accident
B: oeuf

A: Oeuf indeed
by YesYesYesYES! October 21, 2019
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a fat lazy clued out lug of a human being
by ac January 22, 2004
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A sigh put into a word

If you dont wanna do summing 'oeuf' is a good way of letting someone know.

If something bad happens to some one, a simple reaction would be 'oeuf'
geeza 1: "Johnny just got arrested"
geeza 2: "Oeuf"

geeza 1: "come on lets go"
geeza 2: "oeuf"
geeza 1: "you not wanna go?"
by Dj Risq June 22, 2005
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means not cool. translated from french for 'without eggs' literally, but oeuf was the origine of the tennis term 'love'. tranlated from this it comes to mean 'without love' or not cool.
"Mom says you have to mow the lawn before you go to the party tonight" "Sans oeuf man, I don't have time!"
by frenchie007 October 28, 2008
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The best snack... for a yak!
Alex: ELY! I'm hungover and it's 3pm... make me an oeuf-croissant? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?
by Ely, greater than thou March 03, 2007
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means not cool, or not clutch. started at Magee Secondary in Vancouver. kids are using this in reference to anything they think is uncool or that sucks.
When CM heard there was a suprise english test, she turned to her friend and said, "sans oeuf!'
by hangman007 October 23, 2008
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