October 17th Is National Spend The Day With Your Crush Meaning you guys get to hang out all day!
MARK Did you here about October 17th?
DEREK Yeah Bro, it's awesome. I get to hang out with my crush today!
by BabyJayRulez October 11, 2019
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Becky: I hope i don’t get my ass beat today
Britanny: Sucks for you today is October 17th
by nword121 October 15, 2019
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The day where try hard tik tokers will finally get on the for you page.
I can't wait for October 17th, I'll be famous!
by cringeflosserkid October 15, 2019
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Everyone get ready! On October 17th it’s Nation Hug Your Best-Friend Day! So find your best-friend and give them a big hug!
Alice: Have you seen Chloe?
Paul: Yeah she’s over there, why?
Alice: Well I should go give her a hug!
Paul: Why?
Alice: Because it’s National Hug Your Best Friend Day!
Paul: Oh okay! But, what does that mean?
Alice: It means on October 17th you have to give your best friend a hug!
Paul: Oh I should give Jake a hug too then!
by Oreos.net October 14, 2019
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October 17th is National No School Day
Don't show up to school, Imagine only having 5 out of the 30 kids in your class? Make sure this spreads. *This is optional*
Billy: You boi, its October 17th tomorrow
Joe: Okay, ANd?
Billy: We should tell our friends, its national no school day. We decide not to show up to school
by Crazy_Hoes October 15, 2019
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