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Oblivicate , -or

Combining the terms Oblivion, Pontificate and Defecate.


Speaking about inappropriate things while on your phone or to others. Doing this in public areas or around your cubicle workers. Speaking on an uncomfortable subject even though it obviously makes the other person uncomfortable.

Noun- (Oblivicator)

A person sounding off on various subjects at nauseum while totally ignorant that there are others around. Someone so arrogant to the idea of hearing themselves speak that they do not care who else hears their stupid banter. A person’s lack of awareness or indifference to their surroundings. Lack of common courtesy.

Elly: My tampon didn’t fit well today so I sent my husband out for some new ones. I hate it when they don’t fit, it makes me so mad. I wish there were other ways to stop the bleeding.

Co-worker: uuuuhhhhh, ok……

Elly: Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a girl; it would be so much easier. Then I wouldn’t have the babies and have to get an episiotomy. Episiotomies are sooooo gross. They cut you on the taint and blood squirts everywhere. Then the babies head is so big……

Co-worker: oh god…I have never witnessed someone oblivicate like you.


Gene- Oh my God! My co-workers over on the other side of the building haven’t stopped talking since they got in three hours ago.

Jill- I know, the boss loves them so much he joins in their inane conversations too. I am afraid he is becoming an oblivicator like them.
by Stinky MacBurr December 15, 2009
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