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The legendary Uchiha from the Naruto Manga/Anime who is thought in many cases to be the first Uchiha. He was best friends with the First Hokage but his hunger for power caused there friendship to break away slowly. The First Hokage fought him at the Valley of the End in order to try putting sense back into him. Statues were erected in the memory of there battle in the Valley of the End, the First Hokage on one side of a waterfall that feeds into the valley and Uchiha Madara on the other.
Uchiha Madara fought the first Hokage in the Valley of the End.
by Naru-Nerd January 11, 2008
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A villain from the manga/anime Naruto.
Member of the Akatsuki- the guy with the swirly mask who's actually the real leader- he fought the First Hokage a long time ago, so he's old, too, which is why he covers his face because he doesn't want anyone to see his ass-ugly face. :o
Uchiha Madara is so cool.
by aznpudding July 10, 2008
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