Fiercely tireless worker on Barack Obama's campaign, especially when present at democratic party caucus meetings. The feminine is obaminatrix, but is this usage is rare.

Also used of the candidate himself.
It was clear within minutes of the caucus meeting start that the obaminators were in the majority.

The Obaminator has gathered financial support from more than 1 million private donors.
by A. Gene Davis March 1, 2008
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Obama to be the U.S.A. President.
Person A : Obama is going to win the elections!!!
Person B : This is an Obamination !
by Iohan November 9, 2008
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What McCain and Palin think of Nov. 4, 2008! Punning on "abomination".
This is great! It's great to see the Republicans get pwned! The Republicans must think Nov. 4 is an obamination!
by pentozali November 5, 2008
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verb: To completely dominate in a succession of polls or competitions, like presidential candidate Barack Obama has been in the primaries.
Dude, i totally obaminated in the chess competition last week.
by Amanda Applebaum February 20, 2008
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a word or deed contrary to the ethics of Barack Obama
Excluding Frankie from the group was an obamination.
by Michelle Mertz January 23, 2009
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Right wing-nut pseudo-word. No meaning at all.
Did y'all hear about the Obamination parade down at the square today? All the Real American Patriots were there waving Old Glory. We shore shewed them niggas who's still boss around this here cuntry.
by CommonSenseResolution January 24, 2009
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Intense aversion or loathing of the fact that Obama became president.
Novemeber 4, 2008 was an Obamination.
by Lato November 5, 2008
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