People who blindly support Obama with no knowledge of what he stands for or what his plans are for the nation.

Usually due to the fact that he's black, his slogans are "change" and "yes we can."

Typically the younger voters who have no prior experience with voting.

Most Obama supporters are not Obamaniacs
Obamaniacs: With Obama as president we are gonna see real change! With him we are all going to be rich and I wont have to pay off my mortgage, my car loan, or my health care bill! We are making history!
Normal Person: What do you think about his foreign policy?
Obamaniacs: Foreign what?
by SuperFudgey October 14, 2009
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Suggestive of a zealous, almost unhealthy state of obsession with Barack Obama's presidential campaign; often fueled by the politics of hope.
"I'm fired up and ready to vote for Obama," he shouted with an Obamaniacal grin."
by themanderson January 3, 2008
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A person of low intellect who is easily given over to howling, shrieking adoration for a high yellow, yes man, Marxist, uber-liberal political figure who goes by the title: B. Hussien Obama. Common traits include: Lack of political savvy, white guilt, lack of understanding with regard to national issues and an often perplexing, indeed mind numbing attraction to what is popular and shiny, rather than what is effective or important.
1.Anyone associtaed with the American media, whose shameless and irresponsible coverage of the 2008 American Presidential election (Obamaniac three ring circus) should be grounds for imprisonment or public, ritual beatings.
2.Anyone associated with the Hollywood left, whose mindless indifference to reality and moral standards is nothing less than blinding.
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Referring to one who is obsessed with Barack Obama, or one who just realizes how great a president he will be and plans on voting for him in the upcoming election. It is good to be an obamaniac or be associated with obamania in any way, shape, or form.
George: So do you know who you're voting for in the next presidential election?

Jorge: Why Barack Obama of course! His policies are great, he refuses to accept money from lobbyists, and he promotes change! I'm a full blown obamaniac!
by Udy March 17, 2008
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anyone from the "huh-hum" (clear throat prepare for riots.) shady side of town, that eat fried chicken with waffles. also like amongst this group is purple drink and urange drink.
black guy 1: shii bloood, did you see dat Obamaniac eat dem mufukkin waffles, nigga?
black guy 2: woord??? man dat Obamaniac is one waffle eatin mufukka! shii, wooord?
black guy 1: shii homie, dat nigga do be drankin the mufukk out some purple drink too, g-money-nutz-nigga! wooord?
cop: back to the projects, you fuckin monkeys.
by jo mama nu April 18, 2009
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