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An informal community of homeless, displaced, dispossessed, or destitute, including the tents, shacks, and automobiles in which they dwell.
Some hobos have set up an Obamaville in the woods down by the river.
by jryan1971 February 20, 2009
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A city made up of homeless tent dwellers or OWS protestors, much like the Hoovervilles of years past.
Look at all those people in that obamaville, I hope they don't come and take my money.
by kcr357atyah November 26, 2011
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"Obamaville" means a cross between Hooverville and Margaritaville. Generally populated by people suffering from economic depression, debt and the results of overdosing on anti-depression pills mixed with quantities of various unknown substances which create in Obamaville inhabitants the illusion of accomplishing great deeds while camping on asphalt or concrete.
"I got laid off from my job and instead of doing anything about it I just smoked a bunch of weed and set up camp at Obamaville"

"One feels empowered in Obamaville as one is surrounded by throngs of the same destitude, low ambition, substance abusing types as oneself"
by ImJustASmallTownGirl November 10, 2011
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