A combination of oral, vaginal, and anal sex, possibly culminating in a poop chute riot.
'So I heard you were hanging out with Susan last night. Did you take her to the three ring circus?' ::nudge::
by Johnny Ashcan January 7, 2010
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A girl that has a nice face,ass and breasts. Basically, she has the whole package.
Did you see that chick, she was like a three ring circus.
by mob rat July 26, 2005
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When a woman has rings in each of her labia and the hood of her clitoris.
That girl has a three ring circus!
by LustyMartin August 17, 2010
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When your having sex with a girl, your friend comes out of the closet and you swap so you friend is banging her. You quietly sneak out of the room. Then call another friend to come knock on the window. At this point she will be all confused how she is not fucking the same man anymore. Now you bust in through the door proclaiming, "What the fuck is this!?!?"
Jena: Last night my boyfriend pulled the three ring circus! I was so confused!

Julian: I wish I was there!
by mike13849132047 January 7, 2010
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To have sex with two clowns simultaneously. This may end in a creampie, though not always the kind you're expecting.
"Say, Jim, you feeling okay? You have a haunted air about you."

"Last night I had a Three-Ring Circus and now my wife wants a divorce."
by June 11, 2022
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