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the only high school in a hick town of 27 thousand people, surrounded on three sides by churches where students go during lunch to light up and MAYBE be sober enough for the next class, home of an INTERESTING group of crazies in Tennessee
"dude, its lunch! Wanna go smoke some of this shit?!? Oak Ridge high school baby, sobriety only matters to others!"
by Zonker01us April 02, 2008
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Home of the War Eagles in Texas, rival to the Woodlands and College Park. Made up of people with originality and a sense of humor , Despite living so close to the Woodlands ..
(Woodlands High School Guy) - Dude !! Why did the chicken cross the road?!?!

(Oak Ridge High School Guy) - Because you're a fucking Gooch Bison..
by Dc Donnelys March 31, 2008
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A strictly throwback high school of approximately 1500 with 6 bathrooms and an Alternative school located right on the campus. Smells like my 6th grade gym teachers running shoes
Oak Ridge High School could probably be compared to a prison
by ameealright December 16, 2008
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Oak Ridge High School is located in Oak Ridge North, Texas. A few parody names against Oak Ridge High are Joke Ridge, Smoke Ridge, Toke Ridge and a new one just created here at urbandictionary... Poke Ridge. It is full of hicks, cholos, and a minority of typical ghetto black people who say the word "nigga" every 5 seconds. The absolute worst thing about the school is the bathrooms, and the urinals are buckets made out of either metal or steel and anyone can see you pissing from behind outside of the bathroom since it doesn't have a door. Even worse, the toilets for shitting (in the men's bathroom) don't even have properly sized walls for privacy. In fact they are so short that if you were to sit on the toilet, the top of the wall would've been below the shoulder. Because of this, rarely anyone takes a shit in the school. However there has been some cases where some people don't care about privacy, and they have explosive diarrhea in the stall making it an extremely awkward situation. As you're reading this, just imagine seeing a guy at one of those toilets shitting while you can see their face. No custodians ever even bothered to bring in walls that give enough privacy.

Most of the white girls in the school have a nice body, but since they are so conservative they just say "eww, you pervert quit looking at my ass".
Woodlands guy: The Woodlands High School girls are way better than Oak Ridge High School girls. Woodlands girls have a liberal attitude towards sex and they all slap each others ass, compare others, and pull their shirt up, so they can satisfy us every day. 60% of all white girls in The Woodlands lost their virginity twice, unlike Oak Ridge where all their hick girls have a conservative attitude towards sex.

Oak Ridge: Man I wish I be livin' in da Woodlands, having sex with white girls with a Woodlands booty!
by ThePersianZone June 15, 2011
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