Own Personal Faggot.
A gay male/female who considers himself/herself dedicated to you, like a manservant with a crush on you. There may be but often is not a sexual context to it. Often it's because you're the one to whom he/she came out first, but there can be other reasons. This is a very caring, kind and maybe even loving person if you're lucky, and he/she may be vulnerable, too. Don't abuse the privilege.
It's my OPF's birthday! I'm gonna buy him a nice bottle of wine and some roses.

I love my OPF! He's always there to bail my ass out of jail after (fill in the blank).

I'm in between girlfriends so my OPF is filling in for a few days. He's good-looking, rich, and sucks like a Hoover, glad he still wants me. Life's damn good!
by outnabout April 14, 2010
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Overly Passionate Faggot

When someone gets butt hurt easily, and you can't say "faggot" in front of that person or in workplace.
Dude 1: Man, your brother cries alot.
Dude 2: Yeah, he's OPF.
Dude 2: Oh
by berthalimuthegreat November 03, 2011
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A middle aged balding stressy male, with a face that resembles a pig. Hence OldPigFace
Opf - A male with middle names such a Lanchelot and Richmond.
by SlipShandy September 21, 2009
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Ben rhodes in the back of danny whitehands car with a lass. opf
by quirkey12345 September 20, 2016
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