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A large stone establishment populated by an increasing number of ridiculously dressed rich white kids.
I had to pick my brother up at OJR, and saw 4 kids with spiky hair who couldn't walk because their jeans were so tight.
by Bigsnitchsauce September 22, 2009
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Owen J Roberts High School. A mix of wanna-be stoners, farmers and rich snobs with daddy's money. It's all acne infested guys without style who toke up to look cool and girls with no tits who wear pushup bras and smoke oregeno.

Fuck the good shit..we want Bankers Vodka and cheap beer. It's not like we'll actually get drunk, we'll just hold the same can all night and blame our skankass ways on the alcohol.

Definition- A person who pretends to be intoxicated in order to look cool.
I took this girl to a party, and she didn't drink but was OJR all night.

WOW, that bitch isn't even drunk, she's just acting OJR.
by JD you know it September 25, 2007
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A high school divided into four main groups...
The Rednecks: a group of kids who think that their grown up and above everyone else just because they curse 24/7, pretend to be sexually active, and make a huge deal over the fact that tried "drugs" once. Usually Trump Supporters.

The "Activists": The kids that support causes they don't understand because they need something to make them feel special. Occasionally their complaints are justified, but most of the time nobody cares. God forbid they DONT have a cause to bitch about, the will start to attack some small thing that wasn't bothering anyone. These "activists" act like they are smarter than all others, while making themselves look stupid while preaching something everyone already knew.

The Sorority: These kids wear $200 shoes to school, and are dressed unnecessarily nice everyday. They tend to only talk to other sorority kids and usually play some sort of team sport...with only other sorority kids. They can range from " I'm actually really smart but I play it down because my friends are around" to "their lucky they're pretty". Either way they all seem perfect until you go up to them and a) they are a nice, normal person or b) they are a total asshole. It's a 50/50 chance.

The Others: Semi-normal kids, who usually mind their own business but occasionally try to join one of the 3 other groups. They usually get ignored and end up looking like a half-assed clone of said group.
The only thing worse than going to hell is going to ojr
by Painfully_Honest March 18, 2017
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