Cool, that's wussup, or just needed something to say ,or easy-to-use /reply
Me: Where you at?

Lisa: Just off of meridian in A.J
by Eastside Nerdsider April 2, 2017
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An affirmative, used to agree to something, show interest in something, or react to something strange or awkward.
Rebecca: Jon has been such a jerk lately.
Amy: Oh, true.

Joe: I'm about to hit up karaoke with the crew, wanna come?
Matt: Oh, true? I'll see if I can.

Matt: What happened to you yesterday?
Rebecca: Well, I went to Joe's house but when I knocked on the door, his brother answered and said Joe had just left to go get food. I was like, 'Oh, TRUE?' So I stood by my car awkwardly waiting for him to get back for like twenty minutes.
by true gangsta May 26, 2011
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bluntly saying "i am pissed off" without actually saying it

when coming from a girl... you know you fucked up.
guy: "i hung out with my ex last night"...

girl: "oh true"
by 180029919 January 13, 2012
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a quantifiable measurement of pain
Sheila filed for divorce yesterday she is taking the kids, that is at least 35 oh trues. that is like 7 fivers right there
by Alchemancer December 6, 2021
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