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ODP stands for Ouate de phoque. Translated to English, it means ''absorbent cotton of seal''. But it is pronounced the same way as ''what the fuck''. So ODP is kind of fench translation of WTF. It is cool to use 'ODP' when text messaging, instead of 'WTF'.
ODP are you doing.
by André V. January 15, 2010
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an odp is a person who has gone to university and trained to work in operating theatres specialising in airway management. not to be confused with a nurse who knows nowt
by stodp September 16, 2007
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ODP stands for Operating Department Practitioner, basically a glorified nurse working in and around the operating theatres in a hospital, they generally think they are better than others, and can handle a GCSE level two year course based around the popular song "Dry Bones" ("With the toe bone connected to the foot bone, and the foot bone connected to the ankle bone, and the ankle bone connected to the leg bone..."). They make tea and fetch biscuits for surgeons and other more senior theatre staff, and stock medical supply cupboards. Sometimes they are entrusted with very basic clinical work, whereby the Trust can pay peanuts for monkeys. Other staff laugh at them behind their backs, because ODPs are generally quite chavvy.
Surgeon: Hey ODP time for tea!
ODP: On it, innit.
Surgeon: What?
ODP: Sorry, I tripped over my tongue piercing. I'll make the tea.
by Dr Spock's Socks March 03, 2011
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O.D.P. is the abbreviation for an Old Dirty Perv. Aka a male cougar.
Beth: "That O.D.P. lurking in the corner just bought us a drink. Sick!"

Why don't O.D.P.'s realize that all they will end up either being a gigilo to an ailing cheetah or get fleeced by a G.D.P. (gold digging puma)?
by Doug and Beth August 10, 2007
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Old Dirty Pizza, pizza that has been sitting in a cardboard box for so long that it has taken on the texture of spongecake and the taste of the room that it was in.
We were gonna go out to Red Lobster but Justin already ate some ODP that was left over from two days ago.
by JizzleMizz April 29, 2009
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