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A website:

It is dedicated to collecting video game remixes from those who enjoy remixing video game music, and posts it on their website.

Some of the remixes are better than the original, and some just suck ass. It's all a matter of taste, of course.

Sister website:, which streams the remixes of OCRemix on internet radio.
by BLARG man December 13, 2004
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A website ostensibly dedicated to collecting remixes of songs from video games and proving that music composed for video games is as viable and has as much integrity as music composed for any other purpose. However, the songs submitted for approval are judged - and subsequently accepted or rejected (usually the latter) - almost entirely on their production values, with little regard for whether a song is entertaining and fun to listen to or if it would add some variety to the site's overall catalog. Although few would argue that a certain standard is indeed necessary in preventing just any old schmuck from getting a steaming pile of crap posted to the site, one cannot help but sometimes wonder if the members of the judges' panel overanalyze songs to the point of impairing their ability to simply have fun with them. This lends itself to the impression that the judges' panel is an elitist musicians' circle jerk, although such an observation is probably somewhat harsh, as there is no doubt that much of the material on OCRemix, if not nearly all of it, is among the best in terms of musical quality.
The judges' panel rejected a remix Sean made for a game that hadn't been covered on OCRemix yet, but a day later, they posted their umpteen gazillionth Chrono Trigger remix onto the site.
by roundthewheel October 28, 2006
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an IRC channel on EnterTheGame's network. Populated by idiots, remixers, and the attention-deprived.
I think I'll head on over to #ocremix and kill some time
by Kai January 29, 2005
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