an expression of a cornered angelic otaku either begging for mercy or displaying innocence by showing a cat's snout. most of these angelic otakus, as researched by NASA, are bound to be mischievous. at the same time, whether or not its coincidence or just bad luck, this phenomenon ends up with the otaku's dick cut off its rightful place ...hence:

O =3
O+1 =4
O+1-1 =4-1
O =3

01101: yo! where's 11001? i haven't been seeing him around lately.
10111: i told him once is enough, but 11001 overdid it. the manga store owner caught him stealing "Miyuki-chan in Wonderland" on digicam. worst is that his parents, knowing the incident, are going to send him to Guantanamo.
11001: *jeez* you're all talking like i'm not here

** O =3 **
by Azazel Karysalle May 11, 2011
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The act of shooting cum (semen) into a hole or circular receptacle of any kind, by way of maturbation or sexual relations.

Masturbation: pocket pussy, knot hole of tree, hole in a wooden fence, coffee cup, shower drain, etc.

Sex: Partners asshole, VaJJ ({}), Mouth, Ear, Nostril, or in very special cases Eye Socket.
Ex. 1

Matt: Cindy has sure been bitchin that we don't have any cream for the coffee.

David: Take a trip to the store and shut her up!!!

Matt: Nah, I told her I did and secretly O~~~<===3 in her coffee.

Ex. 2

When Willy paid a visit to Patty he wanted nothing more than to give her a delicious salty snack!!!

He O~~~<===3 and what a treat it wuz....slurp
by woowoofurasaltysnk July 20, 2009
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Tilt your head slightly to the left... yessss.... there it is... its a penis! The penis is a part of the male genitalia. Its main use is for urinating and for wanking. It is the funnest object a man posseses, and it shows.
my o=3 is very big and hairy
by Siwel teh gr8 June 29, 2006
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This depicts the o's as eyes (like o_o),the '3' as a puckered up mouth and the brackets and slashes are puffed up, blushing cheeks. It can be like a blowfish face.
Daisy: what am I? o(////)3(////)o.
Daisy made a blowfish face.
by Anonpuff January 23, 2023
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Teabag smiley made with the sideways heart symbol (<3) and any form of face made with letters and or punctuation. used to show teabagging, in other words, putting your nuts(testicles) on someone's face or in their mouth. Other forms may include the following:

and many more
"Hey dude <3:o .. I teabag you"
by Sean Boston July 29, 2006
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The male arous-o-meter emoticon
to express sexual interest:
3=o somewhat interested
3==o moderately interested
3===o showing extreme interest
Hot exgirlfriend: I'm bringing your fn stuff back and if you even say one word to me I'll file a restraining order against you.
Dumbass boyfriend: 3==o
by Ricky Kash March 17, 2010
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Meagan - Hey Everyone!
Georgiia- Omg a reindeer!
Meagan - Where
Georgiia - here!
Georgiia - 3: o-D
by MeaganBamf December 20, 2008
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