a extremely hot person that knows how to have fun. Doesn't like to be labeled and is a kitten :*
Wow he must be a Nyk.
by Justakittenfan January 4, 2014
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For instance if someone doesn't want to accept obvious facts. You can respond... #NYK "Na you know" 😊
by ikehay August 17, 2018
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Acronym or Initialism meaning: 'Not yet known'.

Also, a rare variant abbreviation of the name 'Nicholas'.
Text message conversation -
Jane: The father of the child is nyk.
John: Nyk got her pregnant!?
Jane: Noooo! It's not yet known who the father is.
by atheneus February 3, 2010
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The most handsome people in the word, nice guy, cool guy
Your are so NYK!
by NYKISBORNINMAY October 23, 2019
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Riding a bitch off the roof into your Neighbour’s pool then allowing her to give great head that gives her a moustache after that you exit the facility like a boss
I Always give a dirty Nyk on the first date to break her in
by Nyk February 20, 2021
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N-National Y-Young K-Killer
National young killer is the first name of 17 year Old Grand rapid rapper name NykGad
by NykGad February 10, 2021
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